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Rino Stephanie Klick Blocked Bills to Protect Children from Gender Mutilation!


My State Representative Stephanie Klick was first voted into office with strong conservative "Tea Party" support.  And at first she was very conservative.  In 2013 her first session Texans for Fiscal Responsibility "Fiscal Responsibility Index" was a whopping 99!  But sadly, like so many politicians, she has forgotten Conservatism.  Look at how her Fiscal Responsibility Index numbers have plummeted, getting lower and lower each legislative session, as Klick began to turn RINO and sell us out:

2013  99
2015  90
2017  76
2019  56
2021  54

How low could Klick go in selling out the conservative principles she has professed? In 2021 she single handedly blocked legislation to to protect children from being subjected to gender reassignment medical procedures, including procedures to castrate young boys!

You would think that this would have been no problem to outlaw in Texas.  Moreover outlawing gender modification of children was designated by the delegates of the Texas Republican Party as a  Legislative Priority for the 2021 session!  

The gatekeeper of all of the child gender modification bills in the House was my State Representative Stephanie Klick, who was chair of the committee to which all of these bills were assigned.  

Klick never even gave s hearing to House Bill 68 which would have made gender modification of a child outright illegal in Texas.   Her office was flooded with calls from the public asking that this bill be given a hearing, but she ignored them all.  

Jeramy Kitchen of the Texas Scorecard wrote

A father who is fighting to stop his ex-wife from subjecting his son to genital mutilation surgery says the Republican leadership in the Texas House refuses to support legislation ending the practice.

Jeff Younger has made headlines for his years-long fight to protect his 8-year-old son, James, from the scarring surgery....

Younger took part in a meeting between Toth and Klick about the bill last month and decided to come on the record with Texas Scorecard to express some concerns he has as a result of the conversation.

Younger indicated that the meeting was on the subject of the bill. He says Klick refused to support the bill in the meeting and she expressed concern that it would instead “set the wrong tone” in any public hearing and “trans people would be traumatized” as a result of it being heard.

Younger says he felt none of her concerns were about his son but instead about the LGBT community itself and how it would make the House of Representatives look

- Texas Scorecard; Leadership Won’t Support Ending Child Gender Disfigurement by Jeramy Kitchen

The Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 1646 which also would have outlawed gender modification of children, but guess what?  That Bill was held up in Klick's committee too.  She also never even gave it a hearing.  

There was one very weak bill, House Bill 1399, which would not have actually outlawed gender modification of children, but which would have effectively banned insurance companies from providing liability insurance to doctors who performed such procedures.  Klick let this bill sit for 40 days in here committee!  Finally she gave it a token hearing when enough time had passed that it could be killed in the Calendars Committee.  

Jack Hadfield of National File wrote:

 ...former State Rep. Matt Rinaldi recently told National File that the plot to kill H.B. 1399 was a “team effort” by the Phelan leadership team. HB 1399 would have stripped doctors of their ability to acquire liability insurance if they engaged in child transgender surgeries or chemical castrations at their practices, and was killed last week. “The bill was slow-walked the entire way by Reps. Klick and Burrows, presumably under orders from the Speaker [Dade Phelan],” Rinaldi told National File. “The fact that House Republicans would work so hard to preserve sex change surgeries for minors is beyond contempt,” Rinaldi continued. “The Texas GOP needs a housecleaning next primary.
(TEXAS: Abbott, Patrick, House Speaker Received $250K+ From Clinic That Chemically Castrates ‘Transgender’ Kids)

(Rinaldi is now Chair of the Republican Party of Texas).

Realize that while Klick was stonewalling and stalling legislation to outlaw gender modification of children in Texas, a Legislative Priority, she gave a hearing to HB2213 to protect exotic animals on day 9!

Why did Klick work so hard to insure little boys would continue to be castrated in Texas?  Maybe because PACS affiliated with the Southwest's largest children's gender clinic in Dallas and Rio Grande (and which caters to transgender illegal immigrants) paid the Klick campaign $4,000!   

So why is Klick being endorsed by most of the Precinct Chairs in her District, including my own Precinct Chair Mary Childs?  Because we Conservatives are being SOLD OUT by the Party Establishment!

Now Conservative David Lowe is running against Klick for her seat in the State House (District 91).    David Lowe is a US Army veteran who served our country for twelve years in the wake of 9-11, 43 months in combat zones.  David is endorsed by Jeff Younger (who has made headlines trying to protect his 8 year old son from gender reassignment and gender mutilation).  

I live in Texas House District 91, Stephanie Klick is my State Representative, and I am endorsing David Lowe as well!  

James Scott Trimm, former member of the Tarrant County Republican Party Executive Committee and Conservative blogger and activist.   

Follow up blog: Stephanie Klick Sent Children to Castration for Campaign Money!



In the below episode of the Luke Macias Show, Luke Macias pulls the curtain back and explains how Chairman Stephanie Klick killed legislation that would have ended the barbaric practice of genital mutilation and chemical castration of Texas children.


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