Saturday, January 16, 2016

See I Told You So! Stickland’s Challenger Exposed Again

See I Told You So!
Stickland’s Challenger Exposed Again
James Scott Trimm

Well a lot has happened in the last three days.  To begin with, financial reports have been released, so now we know where candidates are getting their money.  The infamous Texas Alliance for Life has endorsed Scott Fisher and over 600 supporters showed up to show their support for Jonathan Stickland at his Defend Texas Liberty event in Hurst Texas.

Back in October I told you that the establishment had recruited Fisher to run against Stickland.  In that blog I revealed that A “fake” pro-life organization called “Texas Alliance for Life” (TAL) had received tens of thousands of  dollars from Strous’s Texas Leadership Fund and that Stickland was being challenged by a close associate of TAL director Joe Pojman by the name of Scott Fisher.  <click here>

Fisher Endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life

Fisher has now been officially endorsed by Joe Pojman’s Texas Alliance for Life, an organization which recently declared that euthanasia is “morally legitimate.”  <click here>

Joe Pojman is the Executive Director of Texas Alliance for Life.  The claimed mission of this organization is to “protect innocent human life from conception through natural death through peaceful, legal means.” And there was a time when this organization was true to its mission, but today the organization exists largely to give cover to politicians that are weak on pro-life issues.  While they are a pro-life, or at least anti-abortion group to an extent, they also often fight conservatives on end of life issues.  For example Pojman has empowered the healthcare lobby and hospitals to end the life of a patient without family permission.

In a recent blog I showed how TAL had supported death panels in Texas while Texas Right to Life has been lobbying since 2005 to end these death panels.  When opportunities to reform this act have presented themselves, Pojman’s Texas Alliance for Life has run interference.  For example in the 84th Texas Legislative session (2015) Texas Alliance for Life actually supported House Bill 2351, which was supposed to be a bill to reform these death panels, but in reality this Bill only perpetuated the death panels. <click here for more

This is the very Death Panel Law that was invoked by Houston Methodist Hospital in their recent efforts to let Chris Dunn die.  <click here

And recently Pojman’s Texas Alliance for Life spoke out in support of the Hospital in the Chris Dunn matter, spoke in support of death panels, and even declared euthanasia to be morally legitimate!  < click here>

TAL has also endorsed Byron Cook.  While Pojman was inside Cook’s campaign kick off event declaring Cook to be Pro-Life, real pro-life protesters were outside protesting his deplorable pro-life record.  In fact Cook wrote a public letter defending late-term abortions on babies who are diagnosed with a disability! <click here

TAL also gave an award to Charlie Geren for his courage as a pro-life hero at last years TAL banquet for his “Courageous Defense of Life”.  State Representative Charlie Geren recently (when Planned Parenthood came to Austin to lobby for money to murder babies in the womb) went through the halls of the capitol, ripping down pro-life signs from the doors of real pro-life representatives.  Stickland put a sign (supplied by Texas Right to Life) on his office door identifying himself as a “former fetus”. This drew the anger of the Austin establishment and Straus lieutenant Charlie Geren made the news (Star-Telegram March 11, 2015) when he ripped the sign from Stickland’s door and stormed into his office yelling at Stickland’s staff.

Fisher’s Biggest Contributor is TEXPAC

Fisher’s largest single contributor was TexPac.  TexPac is the political arm of the Texas Medical Association (TMA).  TexPac donated $10,000, more than 10% of Fisher’s total support!  Let me tell you, TexPac money is NOT pro-life money!  

When the famous Pro-Life bill HB 2 was SB 5 (before Wendy Davis Filibustered SB 5 and it was reintroduced as HB 2)  TMA stood strongly against SB 5/ HB 2 and called it a “legislative intrusion into the patient-physician relationship” that “sets a dangerous precedent of the legislature prescribing the details of the practice of medicine.”

Texas Right to Life has documented TMA’a opposition to Pro-Life legislation going back to at least 2003!  Including support of the infamous Texas death panel law.  <click here>  

Fisher CLAIMS to be the Pro-Life candidate, but he is endorsed by a “fake” pro-life organization that calls euthanasia “morally legitimate" and his largest contributor by far is anti-pro-life TEXPAC.  

Jonathan Stickland is the true Pro-Life candidate.  It is Jonathan Stickland who is endorsed by the Texas Right to Life!  

This weekend over 600 supporters showed up to support Jonathan Stickland at his Defend Texas Freedom event. (Eat your heart out Byron Cook) We are sticking with Stickland! 


  1. As it is said, follow the money. Very concerning when a candidate says one thing, but the money flow comes from those that are dynamicly opposite. The money in this large amount does not come without strings!

  2. Ahh the pro-Abortion, pro-Death Panel, pro-Obamacare liberal Texas Medical Association.